Therapy Dogs Nationwide

One of our Therapy Dogs

Therapy Dogs Nationwide (TDN) is a charity providing various programmes involving dogs for the benefit of those receiving the service.

TDN came into being early in 2016 and is managed entirely by volunteers.

Our volunteers have the unique privilege of volunteering with their own temperament tested Therapy Dogs; some with over 10 years experience and always focused on caring for people in the community. Using animals especially Dogs as therapy is not a new idea, they have been used for over 40 years in the care sector and a lot of our volunteers have roots with Lesley Scott-Ordish who was a pioneer in visiting with taking your own pet dog to nursing homes.

Our volunteers have a lot of expertise in many different aspects of therapy work with dogs. We cover as a volunteer base many different kinds of establishments such as: Schools, Special Needs Schools, Hospitals, Hospices, Nursing Homes, Care centres and Prisons. We visit with our calm, happy and temperament tested Therapy Dogs which gives us the opportunity to meet a vast array of different people from all walks of life, each with their own special problems, needs and requirements. Some can be suffering from depression, ill health or loneliness. Adults and children can be so afraid of dogs that it can affect their lives, we offer help by working with the professional medical sector to achieve a happier outcome in reducing and endeavouring to eradicate their fears.

There is also the  Paws and Read programme in Schools, where we work closely with parents and teachers to encourage their children to interact with the Therapy dog by reading them a story. This encourages the children to communicate and feel comfortable around the dog, after all our Therapy Dog is a good listener, never judges or criticizes but just wags his tail, giving a natural and simple opportunity to help them improve their literary skills and behaviour, a in a calm relaxed way by interacting with the dog

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Therapy Dogs Nationwide is a Charity registered in England – Number  1167622