New Volunteer facilities now available

We are happy to be able to announce that TDN now has its own Volunteers area.


Obviously content is a bit light at the moment as its new but as we start to use it it will hopefully expand into a vibrant community and a valuable place to go for information, forms etc. Click on the image to go to the area.


Forum Link

Its a private area where we can discuss things that relate to TDN, our visits, assessments or just what was on TV last night


This is an area where we can store files for download. It can be split into public and non public areas so files specific to TDN needs can only be downloaded by the appropriate people


We can now upload pictures into our own albums, host picture contests and some other stuff I haven’t worked out how to do yet… 🙂


This area provides a summary of recent activity by TDN members


We would love to hear about your visits or just general activity with your dogs. The blogs area is restricted to members which removes some of the privacy issues surrounding posting about visits on facebook.


Want to know what is going on or want to let the rest of us know what you have planned? this is now easy to do.

Member Map

This is something that has been discussed on many occasions and, hopefully, this will allow us to see where  everybody is. It also splits things out into different roles such as assessors, volunteers, establishments etc. You dont have to enter your details onto the map but if you do choose to do so it will let the rest of us know where you are and what your role in TDN is. It will take a short while for me to place you all into the appropriate groups so please be patient.

Whats next?

Over the next few weeks i will draw up how to guides and modify the area so it gives us what we want from it. There is a suggestions area where you can post ideas that we can look at. There WILL inevitably be some teething issues as bugs get discovered once it starts to be used – hopefully these will be easy to fix.